First time here?

Dancing in Chinese is a lot like dancing in English. The basic vocabulary is “one, two, three, four” and “left, right, left-right.” OK, so I still don’t know my left from my right in Chinese, but that’s easy enough follow along in the mirror.

My dance instructor was Momo, and I was at the Lumi Dance School for a class of New Jazz. All I had with me was money and yoga pants, and it turns out I didn’t even need the yoga pants. Momo danced in ripped jeans and street shoes, so I don’t have to kick myself for leaving my jazz shoes back in the States.

It started out with just the two of us in the tiny dance studio, but halfway through the warm-up another girl joined, and shortly after her came a boy. Both of the other students were a bit younger and in street clothes just like Momo. I alone was in the yoga pants.

We had a good time though, and Momo counted in English even though I do know “yī, èr, sān, sì.” She led us through two dance routines with some floor work and an all-around pop-y feel. All three of the students had difficulty following Momo in the routine, so I wasn’t alone floundering around behind her.

I think it’ll just take away to get my body used to moving like that again.

Another challenge earlier last week occurred when our Internet stopped working without warning. Colin spent 20 minutes convinced that I had knocked the cord out moving the fan or splashed a little water on the modem, but he was wrong. Apparently we just hadn’t paid our bill.

I went the next morning to a vague dot on the map where our Internet provider was supposedly located, but it turned out to be a satellite shop that collected my money but couldn’t turn the Internet back on (or if they could, it didn’t happen in the hour following my payment before we left for school).

That night, Colin and I found the actual headquarters of our Internets, and they interrupted someone who I’m sure was on his lunch break to come speak to us in English. He was a bit of a nervous man, maybe because he was using English, but he tore apart the desk of the lady next to him when he leaned against her filing cabinet. It was a flurry of papers and a lot of apologizing, in English, oddly enough.

No surprise ending here: we came home to working Internet and will be certain to pay these bills on time from now on.


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