Tomorrow morning’s going to be tough anyway

When we last left our heroine, she was happy-dancing her way to the weekend, which started on Wednesday with drinks at Roxy 99.

Kyle and Lali told us about a bar near our school that has no cover charge and hands out two drink coupons at the door if you get there before 9 on Wednesday night. Colin was sure it was too good to be true, that only I would get the deal if we indeed could make it there by 9.

Perhaps we arrived just after 9, but they handed us coupons for four green Taiwan Beers anyway. That’s the bottle and label that are green, not the beer. I quite like it.

The Killers, Guns N Roses, and Muse blasted in the smoky, low-ceilinged bar. Foreigners outnumbered locals, so much so that we ran into Mateo, an advanced Mandarin student who had been at our orientation for school, and an Indonesian kid—barely old enough to be there at 18—who had started out in our class but moved on quickly to a more difficult level. Everyone knew about this place except us.

Kyle and a huge group of people joined us shortly, and I spent the next hour and a half getting caught up on the drama of the group. After that, our drink coupons were out, and Colin and I were on our way home, responsible adults that we are.

(l-r) Kyle, Heather, a friend whose name escapes me, me, Lali

(l-r) Kyle, Heather, a friend whose name escapes me, me, Lali


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