The cow went over the mountain

I haven’t been on a class fieldtrip in several years, but I remember them having a certain sense of order to them. Our class trip to Yangmingshan Monday Oct. 19 was not so. We didn’t leave school until over an hour after we were all supposed to have arrived, and I couldn’t really tell you why. Then we missed our stop on the MRT because no one but Laoshi knew which one we were supposed to get off at. A few hours later, I found myself walking the hallways of a women’s dormitory trying to get a peak in one of the rooms, and then several hours after that I came dangerously close to losing a card game on a grassy slope that cows were munching on.

But really, let’s look at some photos.


A foggy day in Taipei town. The birds' eye view from the main campus of our school.


The gang at Wenhua Daxue (my language school). Laoshi is talking with Pascal and Colin in front, the blue jacket in the rear is Ting Hua, and he's with Ji Ro.


"Send this one to Mama!"


We left Wenhua Daxue to see the main event of the mountain: sulfur.

Mmm, smells good.

Mmm, smells good. Except I was actually telling him to get off the non-trail before he falls through the earth into the scalding sulfur pit below.


Same park, different mountain.


I know I said the sulfur was the main event, but let's be serious, these gals stole the show.


I still don't understand the rules of the game, but at least I didn't have to sing.


After a stomach-turning bus ride down the mountain, the group headed to the Shilin Night Market. Pascal edged out Laoshi on the hoops game, but I think that's just because he has longer arms.


Awe-struck by the collection under the roof of the Shilin Night Market.


Shaved milk ice! Yummm.


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