So what exactly are you doing here?

Treva came up to my desk and asked me that on my third or so day at LiveABC. “Everyone’s been wondering who that redhead is. ‘Is she just using the computers?’” Treva’s thin face makes her smile and her hazel eyes look large.

She is the self-appointed welcome wagon, and she led me around the office to meet the other foreigners working there. I was introduced to about eight people who are curious what I’m there doing, which I wasn’t really able to answer because I never got the orientation guide. “I work for Evelyn and Andie, does everyone else too?” “I’m mostly writing or editing test questions.” I got lots of “cute little new girl” looks, but I was grateful to meet people and to have them know I wasn’t just there to use the computers.

Most of the four-hour shifts that I work three times a week are spent working diligently at my computer. I’m sure I’m slower than I should be just because this is new to me, so I figure I shouldn’t be checking Facebook or Gmail or my blog while I’m there. Maybe that’s just because I’m new and naïve, though. Every time I look to my right, Scarlett is feeding her virtual fish or managing her virtual crops. She also has some boy who stops by several times throughout the morning to bring her food or something to drink or to inquire what she would like for lunch. One time I caught him squeezing her shoulder, so I think they’re an item.

The questions I’m working with are based on articles in the magazines the company publishes. They cover some pretty interesting topics: current movies, environmental things, different kinds of phobias, classic literature like The Odyssey, Sherlock Holmes and The Gingerbread Man. It means I’m reading or writing about something different every day, so the job is really quite enjoyable.

It also required I have a local bank account, so I had the pleasure of going back to the immigration agency to get an ID number a few weeks ago. It wasn’t all that bad–the trick is to go early in the morning–and I grabbed the paperwork Colin and I would need to renew our visas late November.


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