Time warp

Flash forward to Halloween weekend. You didn’t miss much, trust me.

Friday, Oct. 30, I had arranged to do a night shoot with another photographer. Colin came with me after class just in case the guy had turned out to be a weirdo with a camera. He’s a Londoner named Jake, how weird could he be?

Not at all, it turns out. Colin left us for his book when we arrived at the Taipei Artist Village, a complex of funky buildings: galleries and workspaces mostly. He wanted rule-breaking, angular shots, he said, so I twisted my body into tiny rectangles as best I could. He seemed to dig it. I should get photos soon.

The very next day I was off again, meeting Patrice Delmontte for a shoot we had arranged the week before in a lunch meeting. He’s a fiftysomething Frenchman who misses Taiwanese food when he visits France for more than a month. He and his Taiwanese wife have a home at the base of Yangmingshan with antiques to rival those in the National Palace Museum.

Patrice wanted shots with emotion for his next exhibition. Sadness, anger, distaste, pleasure, fear. But mostly sadness.


He also wanted dancing, and he has a thing for gossamer.



I left his mountain in time to get ready for Halloween. Anders’ kickboxing club was throwing the party, and Colin and I had settle on being cat burglars—I the cat, he the burglar.


Cat burglar. No one got it.

We brought Alice and the Mad Hatter, who raised more than a few eyebrows on the MRT.


Fantastic homemade costumes!

We started at a house party, which was lacking all the bobbing for apples and spooky music, but at least had a couple jack o’ lanterns and a costume contest (the one-man shower took the prize: “Back at his apartment, some roommate is going to be real surprised when they go to shower.”).


Wolverine and a dead geisha, with the shower in the background.


Willy plays a good dead guy.

From there we moved en masse to the Indian Beer House, a restaurant any other day of the year. That night, though, it had transformed to a cobwebbed club spinning rock on the second floor and house on the third. Oh the life-sized dinosaur skeletons and earthen walls? Those are always there.




This is the sink in the bathroom!

Our foursome caught a cab home around 2:30, and we didn’t get the extra hour of sleep that most of the rest of the world did.


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