A very Thai Christmas: the sequel

After months of temperatures ranging from the low 30s to the mid 20s, the recent drop to the mid teens has felt very dramatic and very not-so-sultry. (That’s high 80s to mid 70s, then the dramatic drop to mid 50s in Fahrenheit.)

So we’re packing up and heading south for the winter—Thailand, here we come. Colin’s buddy Brian and his girlfriend, Summer, have generously opened up their Phuket bungalow, and for the next week we’ll be fighting with them to let us sleep on their couch. It’s going to be a lot of R&R and zero getting lost in the jungle, as much fun as that was two Christmases ago.

The recent cold front has lent a bit of legitimacy to the Christmas season here. Colin and I took an incredibly long time to decorate our tiny tree, but I think it looks quite nice. We even have stockings hanging from our bookshelf. No stocking hooks? No problem. Just wedge a pair of chopsticks under the broken DVD player the old tenants left you and leave a couple inches sticking out to hang the stockings on.

Giving the tree the trim--with my first popcorn strand!

Notice the few bits of home in there? A painted Santa, a few embroidered ornaments, a rainbow catcher...

I’m bringing the ol’ laptop with me on this trip since we aren’t going to be moving from hostel to hostel, so I’ll be around for skyping and blogging and doing homework—school doesn’t stop for us, oh no. It’s an hour earlier in Thailand than it is here in Taiwan, meaning those in CA should subtract 9 hours and add a day.

Christmas colors! (Or I wanted to put to rest any fears that we're not eating healthily enough.)


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