Air Asia: Getting you there late for less

I’m learning to expect late arrivals when flying Air Asia, and Friday night was no exception. Quick hungry and a bit nauseated after the seven hours without food, we were eager to find the free shuttle to the hotel and get out of there.

About 45 minutes later, we made it to the hotel, where we were handed a banana and shown to our charming room. The hotel restaurant had just closed, but a string of only slightly shady-looking restaurants lined the opposite street. We picked one with a huge patio seating area and were thankfully handed an English menu.

A live band was playing across the patio, mostly Thai music but with a rock and roll sound. At first, it seemed the Thai women in short shorts and heels were guests there, sitting and chatting with their tablemates. Then one of them came to take our order. The guitarist sang a rift of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and smiled and laughed when I whipped my head around.

We split a plate of fried rice and cashew chicken and a couple of Leo beers. The band turned into a karaoke accompaniment (or perhaps had been the whole time), and another customer came up to our table to ask if we wanted to sing. Certainly not, thank you.


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