“Spare me!” yuk yuk yuk

During our field trip to Leofoo Village, Xiong-ji proposed we go bowling the following weekend. Always up for a night on the town, I spoke for the absent Colin and agreed we’d go.

Friday night Pascal, Colin and I met Xiong-ji and Ting-hua at the Shilin night market. We found the bowling alley in the basement of a three-story arcade, and Colin conducted the transaction for the lot of us in halting Chinese. We whiled away our hour-long wait with a round of beers, mediocre chili fries, and a pudding-milk (milk + tapioca balls + pudding).

It was just like being at home! A little bit of black light, top-40 videos projected on the walls (Lady Gaga, anyone?), high-fives for strikes, and plenty of “一點點” for the barely missed pins.

I came in a respectable third place in our group of seven (Andy and Ting-hua’s friend joined), reaching a top score of 110. Colin was the high-scorer—that’s how I know he’s a keeper.

We’d just missed the last MRT home after our third game, so the group wandered through the market as it rolled up its blankets of leggings and scarves and funneled the frying oil into its container to re-use tomorrow. Finding no snacks or anything that I really wanted, I gave up on the night and piled into a taxi behind Colin.


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