It started out as a joke: At this rate, we’ll have to bike

But when it became increasingly obvious how late we were getting any other mode of transportation for our island tour, we decided to just go for it.

Starting tomorrow morning, Colin, Shannon and I leave on a cycling trip all the way around Taiwan. We’ll celebrate Chinese New Year in the southern part of the island, and then Shannon will have to leave early to catch a flight back to California.

I’ll be able to check email while away, and I’ll get a post up if possible, but it’s unlikely. There will be a full update and loads of pictures on our return. Promise.


2 responses

  1. Awesome! What route are you taking around the island? For most of the sections around the island there are alternative roads with much fewer cars than the outermost coastal roads. Picking some of these smaller ones might do a lot for your sanity.

    I’m looking forward to taking my wife and kids on a round-island trip when my kids are a little older.

    Enjoy the trip.

  2. We’re really flying by the seat of our pants, choosing routes that look the flattest. We started from Taipei going down the west coast and are just about to head back up the east coast. Some have said we may be doing this the wrong direction. The traffic has been a bit of an issue, but driving through the cities is by far the most stressful (and exciting) part of the cycling.

    If you check back in a couple weeks, I’ll hopefully have a detailed account of everything we’ve done.

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