Mid-trip update

Hi friends and family. Hi Internet. I’ve missed you all.

We’re eight days into the round-the-island cylcing trip and sleeping in Kaohsiang tonight. This afternoon Colin and I saw Shannon off at the train station here, so now it’s just the two of us. It was absolutely great to see a face from home.

The trip is going smoothly in that the only accidents have been minor and the sicknesses brief. The cycling is a blast, and we’ve only had a couple of days with some rough hills. We’re a little concerned about not having enought time left to really enjoy the return trip up the East Coast, but you can only control so much, right?

Oh, and happy Chinese New Year! It’s a very festive, friendly, welcoming time here, so even though traffic is heavy and a fair amount of the shops are closed for the holiday, I’m really happy we’re traveling right now.

I’ll probably get another post up before we get back, which will probably be Monday, Feb. 22. Until then…


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