Everything I touch

turns to dead.

My lovely strawberry plant is dying! Three days ago there was a promising bud; two days ago there was a tiny, perky flower; yesterday there was a droopy flower with only half its petals; today there are no more petals. Also, I think something like a bird is tormenting it, because some of its leaves seem to be snipped clean off and today I found a little plant that had been pulled out, roots included.

And if you’d asked me last week how my orchids are doing, I would have said, “Wonderful! Well, Satchel is still kind of dead, but Bucky’s doing great!” If you’d asked me two days ago though, you would have gotten a different answer. Bucky’s flowers started to wrinkle and shrivel. I don’t understand! I hadn’t done anything that I hadn’t been doing for the last five months. Maybe it’s just its time…

This is my life right now.

That, plus I bought myself a bike for my birthday. It’s a used granny bike with a basket on the front, and I added a bell and pegs so Colin could ride me around. I always feel like I should have the Roman slave sitting on my shoulder whispering “Memento mori.” (Remember [that you are] mortal.)

I especially like the bike since Colin did the math figuring we spend US$30 per week on public transportation and since I found that riding my bike across the bridge to school actually gets me there faster.


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