Outside temperature: Sandy

The biggest-ever sandstorm swung into Taiwan a couple days ago, blowing thick clouds of sand and pollution across the Straight.

Our laoshi had mentioned last week that the 沙塵暴 was going to be coming from China, but I stored that information with the other scary tidbits she shares with us: China puts sulfur dioxide in the disposable chopsticks used all over Taiwan, some of the shops that sell tapioca pearl milk tea add plastic to their tapioca pearls, etc.

But two or three days ago I noticed the persistence of some pre-cold symptoms: sore throat, sneezing, burning eyes. It all became clear (not the air, of course) when the China Post published this article.

The worst of it is supposed to be over, but it’ll probably be a few days yet before our air in Taipei clears up. Being in a valley like we are, muck tends to sit and stew.


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