Trip of a lifetime

For those who haven’t heard through the grapevine already, Colin was accepted into Johns Hopkins’ international relations graduate program for the coming school year. It’s a two-year program: the first year set in Bologna, Italy, the second year in Washington, D.C. It’s the number-two international relations program in the world, and it was his first choice.

Despite that, it wasn’t the quick decision one might think. Because of the expense of the program, there were thoughts of not going and thoughts of deferring. After days of serious consideration and discussion he finally made the decision to accept. It was the first real smile I’d seen in awhile. So now we’re preparing to move to the food capitol of Italy! I couldn’t be more excited or proud of him!

It does, however, mean we need to wrap up this Taiwanese adventure much sooner than expected. I spoke to my boss last week, and Colin and I have begun tallying our possessions so we can start clearing out the apartment. Our school term finishes May 11, after which we have a week before we get in trouble with Immigration.

The plan for the four interim months is to take advantage of our present location. We’ll fly immediately to Thailand and finally see the northern part of the country, then loop down to explore Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. From there we’re off to China to test out our language skills on the mainland, starting in Hong Kong and cutting inland to see Tibet, then north-east to hit Shanghai, and finally into Beijing. At that point we’ll hop on the Trans-Siberian Railroad to get to Moscow. Once in Europe, Colin expects us to do the 110-mile, 16-day GR20 across Corsica and the 12ish-day Tour du Mont Blanc. No problem. In late September we’ll make our weary way to Bologna, Italy, and settle in for a nice, long rest.

Oh! This is an open invitation for friends and family to join us for any part of this adventure. Email me if you’re at all interested, and we’ll get more details figured out.


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