Anyone interested in a flat by the river?

Sadder than having to give up a place you consider a home is when no one else wants to take it.

And we’re not just leaving the apartment: because we’re leaving most of our stuff, we’re leaving a whole life. I want to take everything we can that makes sense, partly because I’m an overly sentimental pack-rat, but also because we’ll just need to buy another set of life material once we get to Italy. It just doesn’t make sense to bring most of it. Some of the kitchen appliances are helping me cope: the temperature dial of the toaster oven melted off about a month ago, leaving it utterly useless, and the blender is cracked in multiple places, allowing it to leak the liquids it is supposed to be blending.

The goal is to find a new tenant who arrived here in the same state we did, with only a suitcase, who doesn’t mind our taste in tableware and sheets. We’re responsible for finding the new person because our lease goes through August, but if we find someone new it doesn’t matter.

Last week I spent an evening crafting our ad, highlighting our “bright” walls, our view of the river, and that we at least have a kitchen. We spent the weekend scrubbing several months of grime from surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom so the apartment would be impressive should someone come by to see it. There were a few nibbles, but no real interest yet. Soon I’ll add photos to the ads and a phone number, and hopefully that will really get people motivated to come see.


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