Video killed the radio star

I always approach modeling gigs with new artists with a high level of suspicion. I’m not paranoid, but that “Sister, Sister” episode left a lasting impression at a very young age. But if potential employers can screen people on Facebook, I can too. This artist had a Facebook fan page, so that makes him legit, right?

When he joined me at the makeup artist’s house, his first words to me were “You look very different.” Great.

It wasn’t a photo shoot this time, but a shoot for an American-born Taiwanese DJ’s music video to be released in Europe. Got all that? We stepped into the windswept streets of downtown Taipei to shoot, much to the interest of passersby.

The guy seemed pleased at the end and said he wanted to work with me (and any of my foreign friends) again. Without further ado, “Nadia.” It takes awhile to load, so be patient.


7 responses

  1. Like the story, rhythm, the lyrics, “feel of your name,” sepia tones that are the color of your hair. Like the lace, the grace of wind everywhere. My favorite segments were the wide shot of you on the down escalator, the nearly- imperceptible shrug at the 3:19 mark, the back view on skywalk with wind taking white blouse and hair backwards in brightness, the shoe toe on the corner of the note, the soft smile at the close. Need end credit saying: “Hair by Valerie Tidwell.”

  2. Wish I could take credit for that hair, but the makeup artist was the one who worked the wonders. I’m still apologizing to people for cutting it myself and dreading going to a real stylist to have it fixed.

    Glad you all enjoyed it! The characters on my neck mean “to wish for.”

  3. Val, nice job. Love the song….reminds me of my trip to Ibiza. You looked great and I’d agree with the neck tat, ouch. Real or faux? The sepia cinematography was very cool. Mom’s little baby a star across the sea.

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