Ginger & Fred

I’m going to keep the performing arts theme going at least one more entry. Friday morning my Chinese class will be performing an introduction to salsa dancing in front of some unknown number of people that school administrators have threatened will reach 50. This will be for a cultural day that we were forced into participating in, and for which I only pushed this dance lesson idea when school administrators were suggesting in a manner too intense to be encouraging that we make sushi, staring pointedly at our Japanese classmate.

Colin’s entry about last term’s experience with this culture day captures why he and I were determined to not be in charge again. I noticed Colin’s hands clenched to his seat while our teacher bore down on us assertive, independent Westerners to come up with a plan. “What do you want to sell? What do you want to make? You can make lots of money.” Baloney.

But anyway, I am in charge, and now there are two dance instructors in the family. Colin does the explaining when I don’t know the Chinese (all the time), so really I’m just the head counter.

We’ve practiced twice now as a class, and everyone seems to have the idea of the four steps Colin and I showed them: the basic step, the under-arm turn, the cross-body lead, and the cross-body lead turn. The two other girls in the class, from Japan and Vietnam, shoot me pained sort of looks as they line up just out of reach of the flamboyant Korean guy and the boisterous other American. Sorry, gals.

I bought legit ballroom shoes a couple weeks ago and I’ve been itching to try them out. They sparkle. I didn’t expect my school to be where I’d get the chance to break them in, but at least I’ll be on stage while I’m doing it.


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