Moving is a pain

Insightful, right? I know everyone reading this has moved at least once, and I know I don’t even have a house full of stuff, but this really feels like a never-ending process of picking up and moving across the world, taking the scenic route while I go.

Everyone knows that moving bites, so that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

In other news, rain has once again foiled our biking plans. We decided to not bike the two or three days from Taidong to Hualien and instead just rent bikes in the ending point and bike into Taroko Gorge, the most scenic place in Taiwan.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a few days of camping and hiking and bits of cycling, hopefully not in a bunch of rain. “We” includes Colin, Megan, and me. Jared will join us for some hiking this weekend.

With all of the moving I’m not talking about, it’s been easy to forget that we’re doing this at all. But here we go, tomorrow morning.

Last night we played mahjong at Angie’s house—much fun. I want to get a board, but I knew it would be too heavy to go in my box that was already 300 grams over the limit when we shipped it (along with three others) today.

But I’m not talking about moving. In fact, I’m cleaning the kitchen.


2 responses

  1. “Everyone knows that moving bites…”

    I disagree. It’s great for getting rid of stuff and going to a new place. For 18 years, I always moved after a year, period. Two times, I threw away or gave away everything I owned. That felt so good.

    BTW, you can play mahjong on your computer, either against friends or online.

    • I have a really hard time getting rid of stuff, and I seem to have infected Colin with that too. As a result, we shipped about 80 kilograms of stuff to our friends’ place in Europe so we don’t have to get all new stuff in Italy. It’s a sickness, but the shipping costs are less than buying it all again.

      Moving every year for 18 years must really help you find what you need to live.

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