Minutes to spare

One word to describe my departure from Taiwan: frenzied. Hurried apartment cleaning, last-minute sales of cherished possessions, abrupt good byes (“see you later”s, actually) on train platforms, or worse, via text messages on the way to the airport. Even the packing, which stretched on for weeks, came down to the final minutes, causing Colin and I to catch seperate cabs to our MRT so as to get to the airport on time. (He had one last thing to finish at the post office, and I stayed to sweep one last time.)

Our careful stuffing of our backpacks was all for nought when we arrived at the Air Asia desk and were told our bags were a combined 14 kg overweight, which would cost us NT2,800 or about US$100. All relief at having made it to the airport in time disappeared as Colin and I pulled books, shoes, laundry detergeant, and every other dense non-liquid from our packs. We rustled up 11 kg and change, and the desk attendents let the rest slide. They even found two shopping bags for us to put the stuff in and use as carry-ons.

We met Pascal at our gate with what would have been just minutes to spare had Air Asia not lived up to its reputation of getting you there for less, if not a few hours late.

Getting the heck out of Bangkok

Despite some of the harrowing adventures I’ve had there, I realy love Thailand, so leaving mere hours after touching down was sad. We’d taken Thailand off the itinerary before the protests escalated to headshots in the streets because of a shortage of time and an abundance of countries. I didn’t expect to fly into the airport and wish so much to be staying. Of course, the near civil war in the city center would have made that ill-advised at best, though we saw nothing of the conflict save a police-controlled checkpoint leaving and entering the airport.

Anyway, we’re in new, exciting Cambodia for now, eager to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat tomorrow morning.


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