Lesson learned

I almost forgot to write about Can Tho because it was, largely, forgettable.  We stopped in the town the night after we crossed into Vietnam. The stay was bookended by those two bad bus experiences, so of course it was doomed to be ill-remembered, if remembered at all.

The book praised the floating markets of the Mekong, and Can Tho was the place to see them. I asked Colin when we would get another chance to see floating markets and yes I think it’s worth the detour, so we went.

Before we’d even set down our bags, the man showing us our room was selling us a cruise for the next morning. We bargained hard and, I’m pleased to say, talked him down to a price that had him frowning as he left.

I’m sure that it’s more our fault that the book’s or the man’s, but we were expecting more. Surely if we’d Google Imaged “Mekong floating market,” we would have known to expect about a dozen boats selling watermelons and jackfruit sitting in a patch of the wide  river. We almost certainly wouldn’t have spent the time and money it took to get there.

I’m being too harsh, perhaps, because it was a pleasant outing, if a bit of a let-down. Lesson: keep managed expectations.


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