More warriors and more sickness

We met Andy and Pascal the next morning outside the Drum Tower to catch a bus to the tomb of Emperor Jingdi. In the museum there were hundreds of thigh-high dolls that had been carved and dressed as soldiers, eunuchs, and dancers. Dozens of statues of different kinds of livestock were on display too. When we got to the actual tomb, we were given blue booties to put over our shoes, as we were to walk on glass above the excavation work. Very neat, very dark, and very cool (a relief from the mid-90s outside).

Soldier dolls

Back in the city, the four of us went to the Muslim Quarter for some chicken kebabs, then they followed us back to our hostel to hang out. Before we got there, Colin got very ill with an upset stomach. He stuck it out, but it was good it was an early night. We would later learn that Andy and Pascal both had terrible stomach aches not long after–I alone escaped.

Luckily we hadn’t made plans for the next day. We checked out of the dorm, but took over the hostel’s movie area. Colin was feeling better much later than night, just in time to gather our stuff and walk to the train station to catch an overnighter to Beijing. I was lucky enough to have a guy smoking in bed below me.


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