Beijing wrap-up

Great Wall photos up, and more to come!

To my occasional frustration, Beijing was often no more than a chance for us to run errands. Trips to the post office were an every-day affair; an errand to the doctor’s office ate up half the day. Such is the price for moving and traveling at the same time. We had about two days of dedicated sight-seeing— Temple of Heaven Park on a fading afternoon, a whole afternoon at the 798 art compound, the Forbidden City on a chance cool morning (temperatures hovered around 90 degrees and humidity was through the roof)—as well as two nights out with friends: on the whole, not something to complain about.

Urns that held water to save the Forbidden City in case of fire

I also spent two afternoons at the Pearl Market, which sells three floors worth of things utterly unrelated to pearls.

We found the food mostly disappointing, but we must have been looking in all the wrong places because everyone else we’ve met who have gone through Beijing say the opposite. The city is absurdly big (population 20 million and counting), so walking around to get a feel for what’s available is a daunting task, and the Lonely Planet guide book lists only atmospheric that charge more than we wanted to spend.


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