Into the EU

If Disney was in the business of reconstruction Old World European towns, they would have made Old Riga: winding cobblestone streets; plazas that open up out of nowhere; tall, narrow buildings with patios spilling onto the sidewalk. I am so pleased we were able to have a full day to explore, since initially it was to be only a few hours.

New Riga is neat, too—“new” being a relative term. The book pointed us to the best streets for admiring the art nouveau architecture from around 1904 that is so well-preserved in Riga. We joined a handful of groups all looking up with their cameras aimed at beautiful young faces, impressive floral bouquets, and even a dragon, molded into the buildings’ facades.

I would love to live in a powder blue building

Relaxed in a bar recommended by our super helpful City Spy map and tried the tasty apple pie shooters. But Budweiser on tap? Pilsner, please.

Finally, the Central Market located in and around a few old hangars was the place for all things edible; in the morning we stocked up on cheese, veggies, bread, and delicious apple pastries for our bus journey to Prague.


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