First things first

Never again will I move with what is the upper limit of baggage the airline allows.

Everything made it here, miraculously in one piece, but the transfer from the plane to a bus, then the bus to the blue line, then the blue line to the red line, then the red line to a cab all proved a touch more than I could comfortably schlep.

It was absolutely more convenient than moving all our things to Taipei, which is really only telling of how much I have *ahem* matured these two years since.

My second cousin once removed and her family have been more than gracious and opened up their home despite a recent pipe burst in their basement and three kids about to return to school. I don’t think any bed has been as comfortable as that in their guest room after our travel day.

Near Dupont Circle

When we got off the plane, there was the now-familiar anxiety/excitement of being somewhere new, but I took some small comfort in the fact that this would be easier than before because at least everyone speaks English. Of course we’d heard no fewer than six different languages before we’d left the airport. That incredible mixture of cultures has thinned only slightly since leaving the foreigner-magnet that is Dulles Airport. You could map out the world in the neighborhoods of D.C.

House hunting is painful, both for one’s feet and one’s perception of what 750 square feet is worth. The search for employment continues too, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


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