Settling in

Some three weeks after arriving, I am no longer homeless or jobless in our nation’s capitol. We are not yet living in our new home, and I actually haven’t even seen the place, but Colin is hopefully picking up the keys this evening, and we may be living there as early as tomorrow night. It’s a sublet from a SAIS alumna, and it even comes furnished, which was a feature I’d abandoned all hope of having.

The jobs are not stellar, but I’m grateful to have anything at all. Right away I found a serving job at a hotel restaurant right around the corner from Colin’s school. I like it well enough, but at this point it’s a job I can’t afford to keep. I’d heard about states that take servers’ tips out of their check, leaving them with an hourly wage way below minimum wage, but I didn’t think D.C. would be guilty of the practice. My hourly amounts to just over $2, which makes an empty restaurant a depressingly expensive place to work.

I also have an internship at NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, and I’ll have largely the same responsibilities as I had at Planned Parenthood inSanta Barbara. I don’t know yet if the fact that this organization is all politics and advocacy and education without any actual clinics will affect what I do. We shall see.

Umm oh yes. I don’t want to just wait tables and be an unpaid intern, so I shall now unveil my other project. This is probably going to change a lot still, so check back. And feel free to pass it on to anyone who may need an editor.

OK, I think that’s all of the business. I’m officially tired of talking about that, so for a little while there will only be posts about fun things like the festival I’m working this weekend or Colin’s and my spontaneous trip to the zoo or the fact that it has been pouring rain for several days now and, as my coworker put it, “the animals are lining up two-by-two.”


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