‘Net impaired

Not having the internet so close at hand is sort of like taking a vacation—I get to read, doze, putter around the apartment during all the time I would normally spend plugged in.

Aside: I really enjoy having a commute when I don’t have to drive. I get a solid 20 minutes to read every time I get on the bus or metro (often three times a day—wowza!), which allowed me to rip through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in about a week. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a point in my life where I have the time to take a vacation. I am stalled in this stage of “recent college graduate,” but getting further and further from that graduation. It’s a sort of panicky desperation that I feel when think about it. In this city, of all cities, I should be able to find something to get me out of this phase.

Silver lining: I’m taking the no-internet-at-home opportunity to try Starbuck’s new fall flavors, like this salted caramel mocha. Tasty!


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