Trial and error

I got a lovely care package earlier this week filled with all sorts of sweet stuff, which is great because I really need treats and teas to motivate myself through the frustration of building a website.

The basic site I created in about 10 minutes that I showed you here is just too basic. It doesn’t let me upload documents, which means no resume and no work samples, which are sort of the whole point of my having a website.

So I moved on to a more hands-on website builder called Joomla and have been working with its platform for maybe three weeks off and on. Some of the delay has been my indecision of how I want it to look, in which I grab hold of a design, attempt whatever elementary changes I know how to do, get stuck, try to go back, get turned around, look for some other design that more exactly captures how I want my site to look or will be easier to customize, repeat. Don’t try this at home.

So this morning, my first day off in what feels like a long time, I threw out all the work I’d done over the last three weeks. “Clear all content” “Warning: Cannot undo.” Good riddance.

Not surprisingly, it’s going somewhat more smoothly this morning (afternoon, actually, but I’m still in my jammies). I’m not yet close to having a presentable website, but I picked one of the built-in designs and have managed to customize it so it doesn’t look as though it were built-in, and I have the feeble understanding that I’ve built these last three week of how to add content to make it a presentable website.

Treat, please.


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