More hairspray, please

Today was my weekend, finally. Not having work didn’t mean I had nothing to do, of course. My website had some pretty serious issues that needed to be dealt with, which thankfully didn’t take to long to figure out, and then there’s Halloween to prepare for.

I really do love October. Halloween is still easily in my top-three favorite holidays, plus there’s all the pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. Also, we’ve had some really lovely days with blue sky and crisp air; perfect weather for leafing.

I didn’t manage to get the house cleaned today, but I do think I got my costume all squared away. I hope it all comes together—it involves big hair and big makeup and is inspired in a big way by my hometown, oddly enough. There’s a costume party at the restaurant Saturday evening, which may also be my final night there. Wouldn’t that be neat.

Speaking of things that are neat, tonight Colin and I went to a high-heel drag queen race. It was sort of like an Isla Vista Halloween, with friends linking arms and plunging into the crowd to meet other friends, but the only people dressed up were the men in heels. It was pretty fabulous, but perhaps not worth the hassle of the crowds since we couldn’t actually see the race.

I also didn’t get the chance to carve that pumpkin pictured above today. Yeah, the drag queen race won out over that. Hopefully I got at least one good picture of the event. Check back tomorrow for that.


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