A parting gift

I may have said this before, but I love Halloween—mostly because I love dressing up in costume, a favorite childhood pastime that I never lost. So I wasn’t completely bummed out to be working Saturday night at the restaurant because it was going to be a costume party and we were all encouraged to dress up. I was counting on being done early enough to join Colin the boxer at a SAIS party.

The serving staff was informed at the last minute that instead of closing at 10 like we normally do, we’d be open until 2 for private party. I was angry enough to seriously consider not showing at all since it was my last shift, but I’m a big loyal wimp so I didn’t.

At least I made a bunch of money on the private party, right? Wrong. They didn’t spend nearly the money they’d promised and I ended up being sent home with six extra dollars at quarter to 1, just in time to catch Colin leaving the party. Not much money, not much fun, but at least I looked “super fly” as my co-worker put it.

Today was a day for sleeping in, job hunting, leafing, and ordering in pizza. We watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” but it sadly feels like Halloween is already over.


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