Chocolate Gala-ed out

Last night was the much anticipated Evening of Chocolate Gala, the annual fundraiser for my internship. For me and the rest of the staff and one poor significant other, it was nearly 12 hours of setting up, partying down, and cleaning up. And by “partying down,” I of course mean ensuring that our 200 guests, 50 volunteers, 40 auction items, dozens of desserts, handful of speakers, and 2 bars were running as smoothly as they possibly could.

And I think it went well. I have practically no photographic evidence of the event, or of the cake I made for the event; however, twitterers can search for #MDChocolateGala to see my running commentary of the event. Yeah, I was the obnoxious person with my face stuck in the iPad all night, but only because it’s written into my internship duties. Hopefully it was balanced out by my super fantastic panda condom earrings (Taiwan!), which everyone loved.

I keep having flashbacks to the night: Jillian’s exasperation with the non-functional chocolate fountain; the protesters chilling outside with their (thankfully not-too-graphic) signs; Melissa tearing through the main room with the Lady Liberty dress on; Zach in Jodi’s silver sequined hat, which after 11 long hours was just about the funniest thing I’d ever seen. I find that flashbacks are a sign of over-saturation of whatever it is—too much time at the restaurant or a particularly difficult week of Chinese lessons, in my experience. But the Gala is safely behind us, soon to be a fond memory of a successful event, by which time I will have reacquired my taste for chocolate.

(Tomorrow, probably.)


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