Update on the job front

During this first week of unemployment (and working for free), I had a good reminder (i.e. a terrifying flashback) to some of the darker moments in Bologna, where I felt unfulfilled and powerless to change that and depressed about passing off as the smart girl for all those years but now, here, unable to figure out what direction to take my life in. But that moment this week was fleeting and encouragement to get back to those job boards and keep looking.

So I have a few applications under review, all for editing or writing, and my website has a few more editing samples and some slightly new copy, and I’m working on a list of local nonprofits to start cold calling next.

In the meantime, it’s lovely to be able to go to SAIS’s International Dinner with Colin and sleep in on the weekends and meet friends for coffee on Saturday afternoons and go jogging (I don’t even like jogging!). I like all that a lot about not working at the restaurant. In terms of paying the bills and not having to turn down the occasional beer at a bar, the cousins out here need some administrative assistance with their at-home business, and they’ve offered me the hours until I find something else. Flexibility and a little bit of assurance that I won’t have to switch to a strictly beans-and-rice diet: not a terrible deal.


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