I’m trying to keep my head up about this whole Monday business. It was a forgotten-chapstick, forgotten-sunglasses, almost-miss-the-bus type of morning followed by a rejection afternoon. Plus, I’m ridiculously sore from the soccer game I participated in yesterday. This is definitely the type of Monday that calls for a Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre at the end of the day. It occurred to me in enough time that drafting my unsolicited cover letter to send to nonprofits during happy hour probably isn’t the soundest idea.

The best thing to do now is get some dinner (a salsa-chicken-cheese baked dish I’m making up), watch a Daily Show, and wait for Tuesday.


3 responses

  1. Your Monday sounds blah, and so was mine. Today, at my new job, a girl decided to act out by climbing on the roof of the administrative building. Oh the joys of working with the mentally, emotionally and behaviorally unstable adolescent. And, did I mention, I’m sick? Because I am. This did not make any part of my day easier…I can’t wait for Tuesday :]

    Miss you!

  2. I think every day is a good reason for a beer 🙂

    …maybe that’s the stress of grad school speaking. But I generally feel lazy and unaccomplished after attending classes all day. I sympathize!

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