Restless mind, antsy feet

Productivity is not really happening today: the rainy gloom outside is draining all my energy. Not that I have an overly long to-do list even, but not a single thing has been crossed off yet.

Oh not true; I trimmed my bangs.

I have been meaning to write to you. I finally have some things to share after several weeks of calm.

The most delayed thing I have to share is this sweet video of Nexite and my former editor Lindsey asking Joseph Gordon-Levitt out for coffee. Lindsey’s network catapulted this to Internet fame—enough that she was on the evening news within a couple days of posting the video. It’s not too late to say “Yes,” JGL.

Speaking of dancing (we weren’t, but Lindsey was), Colin and I went to the Kennedy Center for one of their Swing, Swing, Swing events Friday night. The Center hosts free events 365 days a year as part of the Performing Arts for Everyone program, which makes for a fabulously cheap date night, and we got to see and dance to the Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra. We’re sorely out of practice when it comes to swing dancing; clearly we need to be getting out there more often. (Maybe we’ll go here tonight. See, there’s so much neat stuff to do in DC.)

Only bad news on the job front, so I’m not going to bother sharing. But I have gotten some more encouragement to write unsolicited letters to anyone I might be interested in working for, and that’s something that will require a few drafts to get as much of the awkward out of that as possible. Maybe I can get one of those down tonight.


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