Time to break out the Christmas music

With only ten shopping days left to Christmas, I think it’s about time we got some holiday cheer up in this place.

Did that do the trick? I lived down the street from Basilica Santo Stefano last—it’s neat to randomly stumble upon it on the hairpin. The wonder of the internet.

The internet was also my go-to for finding fun festive things to do in DC. I’ve dragged Colin around to a bunch already, and there are more to come. Highlights include Zoo Lights and Old Town Alexandria; the boat parade we went to Old Town Alexandria to watch, however, was underwhelming (except for the sailboats—the sailboats were quite elegant).

The F Street holiday market was a bit of an over-priced bust: there was plenty for your bourgeois friend with plenty of spare shelf space, but nothing much in my price range. It lacked the atmosphere of the winter market we went to in Bern, and it wasn’t even as pleasant as Bologna’s Christmas market, which everyone complained about at the time as being… tacky, I think.

Jane invited us to hear her church choir’s Christmas Lesson earlier this week. The choir sounded wonderful and even the whole congregation together sounded lovely. Not surprisingly, Colin and I could only sing along with the first verse of only a few of the carols.

We haven’t been yet to see the White House Christmas tree (holiday tree?) or the states’ trees, which a few locals have recommended, so I’m hoping they’re still up the week between Christmas and New Year, because I don’t think there will be time to get down there before we leave for California.

California! Monday!

Colin takes a bit of convincing to go to all of these things (not California, the holiday things); if he had his way, we’d stay in and watch Christmas movies. We did do that last night—a few friends came by to watch “Scrooged” and share some mulled wine. Mmmm… Nothing better.


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