Home Alone

Colin is in Tunisia, very far away, and without regular access to the Webby-Web (though I did get an email from him this morning—he’s fine, but not particularly pleased with how the trip is going so far). Meanwhile, DC hovers just around freezing without the fun of snow and our apartment is incredibly quiet, save the construction workers pounding things on the roof.

Living on my own these past few days have shown me one thing very clearly: living with other people makes me a better person. There are dishes that have been in the sink for days, my clothes are everywhere, personal hygiene is being carried out on a somewhat—ahem—abridged basis. I am still flossing though, because my super fancy paid internship is still just that, an internship, meaning benefits are limited to access to the coffee maker in the communal kitchen.

The internship is for an organization called Casey Tree, and they are charged with restoring and enhancing the tree canopy of the District. I’ll be their communication and marketing intern, so my responsibilities should all be somewhat familiar, even if urban forestry is a new concept for me. I’m expecting to work four 9-5 days a week, and you can go ahead and add almost an hour for commuting in both directions, even though the office is less than 4 miles away. Ahh, public transit. Maybe when the freezing weather stops, I’ll rethink cycling to work.


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