Sharp learning curve

Look what I woke up to this morning!

I just got super excited thinking it was snowing again, but I think it’s just falling from the roof. The weather forecast says “Icy” for tomorrow, which I think sounds promising.

Anyway, I ventured out into that frozen mess to go to an early morning yoga class, which involves a short bus ride and a half-mile walk. In that half mile I learned a few things about the new galoshes I bought, which are the stinkiest, plainest, rubberiest galoshes I’ve ever owned. For instance, I learned that walking on anything metal is hazardous, including subway grates, storm drains, and manholes. I also learned that walking under the lips of overhangs can be frighteningly unpleasant in addition to sometimes hazardous.

In some areas of town, it can take a lot of squinting to turn this into a winter wonderland, I admit. I’m happy we’re far enough away to have some lawn space in our neighborhood. I’m also happy I’m not responsible for any driveway-shoveling, windshield-scraping, or, for once, dog-walking.

Check back for another post tomorrow for Blog for Choice Day!


3 responses

  1. Just came in from shoveling my driveway. We got a bit more up here in Mass.

    It was dusty snow so no chance at making respectable snowballs or snowmen. My 4 year old daughter still loved it, me not so much.

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