Weekend update

I’m kicking off my last weekend with the apartment to myself, which means I have a lot—a lot—of picking up to do.

Colin returns Sunday night from a trip he’s told me repeatedly that he wishes he hadn’t signed up for. The way he tells it, he hasn’t gained a single positive thing by going on this trip. Silver lining: he’ll be that much happier to come back to D.C.

I’m planning on going to the Chinese New Year parade on Sunday, which sounds like it’s going to be awesome. It’s the year of the dragon, so the Textile Museum will have an exhibit on dragons showing up in clothe from all over the world. Paleontologists speculate that all those different cultures were finding dinosaur bones and basing their concept of flying, fire-breathing, magical, terrifying dragons on those. Pretty neat.

Speaking of dragons, I’m about halfway through the third book of the Millennium series, aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. It’s not as action-packed as the first two books, and there’s really not the suspense that there was in the first two, but I’m still blazing through it. I don’t yet have anything lined up for my next read—suggestions are welcome!

I’ve done a fair bit of talking about my new internship at Casey Trees, so forgive me for being a bit over it. I really like it: co-workers, assignments, office culture all get the thumbs-up. Check out their website now, and then in about a month I’ll put it up again so you can see one of the big projects I’ve been included in already.


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    • I came to appreciate last night (reading almost through the end of the book) how he set up all the ass-kicking characters to be women. And that’s cool. I’ve heard about Tropic of Cancer but not about A Conspiracy of Paper. I will investigate! Thanks!

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