Blogging on my morning commute

Since today is Ash Wednesday (which I only discovered as I was biking past the Catholic University near my internship), and a few days ago Glenn Beck, in all his First Amendment rights wisdom and thorough knowledge of reproductive health care, declared we are all Catholics, I got to thinking what I would give up for Lent.

Cheese? Shudder. Coffee? Cheating since I’m not addicted to the bean. Chocolate? Impossible. Wine? That’s just setting myself up for failure.

Readers who know me will know that I’m about as far as one gets from being a Catholic without actually tipping over into Satanism (what? Agnostics can be moral human beings?), I have no intention of actually giving up anything for Lent. I do have friends who have tried it just for the fun of giving abstaining from something they love, a sort of test of will, I suppose, but my birthday is fast approaching and I have a bottle of wine open in the fridge that isn’t going to drink itself, so I’m not going to be able to do that.


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