Check out what’s been keeping me away

Part of the reason I have been so quiet here is due to a pretty intense computer-project at my internship which has involved a lot of screen time. (Unfortunately that’s not much of an excuse, as I’m likely to end up with a career that involves a lot of screen time.) All that time has resulted in something pretty neat, a new website for Casey Trees. I didn’t have anything to do with the design for the site, that had all been done before I got here, rather I was doing a lot of the implementation of things. There was one aspect of the site that I did have some say in, our tree profiles (we’re working on this landing page, you have to select a tree species to see what I’m talking about), which is exciting because they are a new feature of Casey Trees and required new skills from me. Three years ago I didn’t think I’d ever be coding HTML.

In other news, I’m proofreading a few Margaret Atwood titles, Spring Break is fast approaching, and we’ve had sun and snow the past two days (but only a little snow, and rather weak sun).


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