Springing forward

It was appropriately warm today for this harbinger of spring, the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. After a delightful brunch at NapoleonI took a nice bike ride downtown to run some errands and meet a friend, and I remembered to bring my camera with me.

The mild winter we had means there are plenty of flowering trees ripe for admiration around D.C. The National Cherry Blossom Festival doesn’t start yet for two weeks, and I’m sure the organizers are sweating over whether there will be any blossoms left for the festivities. Locals are lucky to have the chance to enjoy them before the out-of-towners arrive en masse.

We’re also finalizing our plans for Colin’s spring break. We’ll be spending the first weekend celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in New York with a friend who generously invited us up to his family’s home in Yonkers, then we’ll be going on a camping trip in western Virginia with another pal. I talked Colin into car camping, so it should be a restful trip with plenty of food and water, which makes for a nice change for us.


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