Spring Break, Part 2: Hone Quarry Campground

Hone Quarry Lake

It was everything I wanted it to be and more. There was a fire ring with a grill; there was a tent pad; there was a picnic table; there were toilets and bear-safe trash receptacles. There were towering oak trees; there was a river. There was no one else there, especially no RVs. And it cost a mere $5 a day.

Honestly, what more could a car camper want?

Pancake breakfast, that's what.

We could have done without the rain, but there wasn’t much of that and it, you know, served to break up the perfectness of the trip.

Colin spent about 75 percent of waking campsite hours building or tending a fire, which he loved (and after a couple washes, my hair still smells faintly of smoke). The rest of us occupied ourselves with preparing food (we had so much food—it was marvelous) or reading (finally, Game of Thrones). Our camping mates turned out to be, I think, the two most optimistic people one could find, which was huge when were drove through an intense but brief rain and thunderstorm to get out to western Virginia and the George Washington National Forest.

Breaking for lunch after a treacherous slide down into the valley.

We didn’t just hang out at the campsite. There was a hill to climb up and a river to hike along. There was a fishing lake, too, in the quarry, where our German camper got a taste of rural Virginia flavor.

If only there’d been showers, I could have stayed another three days.

The harrowing conclusion of our journey: Will Simone, Colin and Bryan make it across the river?


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