A decision looms

Around the time I was graduating high school, my dad kept telling me he thought I’d end up in Washington, D.C. I think he expected me to be running the world, or some small corner of it, and I never failed to scoff at the idea.

I gave up the idea of politics in fourth grade.

But I am here, and as life here gets the tiniest bit more predictable for me, it gets only more undecided for Colin. I have the faintest wisps of leads for jobs in the area, and I am absolutely smitten with spring here.

That is a purple tree. It's called a redbud. Now they've lost most of their purple buds and have spouted heart-shaped leaves.

Word on the street is that the bugs are going to be worse than ever this year, though, because the winter wasn’t fierce enough to kill them off.

Basically, the question we face is whether to continue on with this pseudo-student lifestyle of so few responsibilities or to put down some roots and go willingly into real life. The question hasn’t gotten much easier in the six months or so that we’ve had to consider it. We’re learning new things though, about each other, our options, ourselves. And as tired as I may get of being an intern, there are the very real benefits like being able to take off on Friday just to visit a museum or to go in late today so we could see the space shuttle circle the city from the White House.

A bit crooked, apologies. I was excited.


4 responses

  1. I completely understand the appeal of a permanent student life, yet at the same time, know all of its drawbacks. Good luck with your decision!

  2. To call the alternative to your current state “real life” implies that you have already made up your mind.

    Should I tell you the story of wings that knew peace and roots that knew freedom? Quite a paradox.

    Once there was a thick, tall tree, whose trunk rose straight from the ground. As a swallow flew by the tree taunted “See how my strong roots let me reach for the sky? I have attained true freedom, for the sun and stars are mine to behold, and I am free to climb ever higher.”

    The swallow rested upon a limb, and replied calmly “And with my wings I have come to know serene peace, for no destination is beyond my reach, no whim of my soul too absurd, and every corner of the world has become my home.”

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