Packing up, moving on

Lots of lot going on in apartment 323 these days. Things are getting packed away into boxes and suitcases, some Future decisions are being made, final goodbyes are being said, some with little or no fanfare.

And amid all of that, I’m still scheduling things into the itinerary for Mom and Craig’s visit next week. This time tomorrow they’ll be here on the East Coast, and what a rude awakening this humidity will be. Oh, wait! Actually tomorrow’s going to be really pleasant weather-wise. Thanks for bringing it with you, Mom!

I admitted yesterday to a friend that I’m already missing DC, even though we obviously haven’t left yet. I’m simultaneously really eager to be back in California already, because it means family and friends I haven’t seen in months (years for some!) and some proper Mexican food (even though I’ve only recently been introduced to Salvadorian fare here—yum!) and going outside without breaking a sweat/getting hit by an surprise thunderstorm. Likewise I’m getting more and more excited to get to Tunisia to see if I can’t turn all that time and freedom and new smells into something productive. Especially after seeing a new friend’s travel photos yesterday: she’d gone to Morocco, Spain, Switzerland and Croatia, not Tunisia, but it hardly matters when everything around you is new.

Also, I finally finished the Wicked Years series, which toward the end I was really disappointed with. Wicked was so fantastic, but it was almost a chore to get through A Lion Among Men—like having to finish all of your vegetables before getting dessert, in this case A Storm of Swords, the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, of Game of Thrones fame.


6 responses

  1. I totally agree with you about breaking a sweat outside and then being rained on! Also, same with the Wicked series. A Lion Among Men was a big disappointment, and then in the end *SPOILER ALERT* I was really hoping she’d come back…

    Anyway, wish you well in your travels! I’ll be following your blog and continuing to be jealous of your adventures :p

  2. Valerie, you’re a fantastic writer! Keep blogging while in Tunisia if you can. I’m sure you’ll have a large following and a pretty cool diary for years ahead when you may need to remind yourself that you’ve got an awesome life.

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