The other Washington

Colin and I are hunkered down in Washington state, hanging out with his mom and a gracefully aging sharpei-mastiff mix, in the second installment of our West Coast-Best Coast summer. Last week we were in the East Bay with his dad, with a break for a sweat-soaked ranch wedding in Redding. And after about 10 days here, I will begin my journey south, while Colin continues his north.

Honestly, it’s all been a lot more relaxing than I deserve. I didn’t just finish a master’s program. I didn’t come off an especially rough year of work. I’m not even actively, desperately seeking employment to put an end to this charade. Getting a summer vacation makes me feel like an imposter. What right do I have to lay on the couch and read all day? Where do I get off taking a weekend to go kayaking? Really, there’s nothing on my agenda today at all? Really?

To do: Come up with list of things to do.


2 responses

    • Your new blog space is so cute! Congratulations on the engagement and have fun planning the big day! I’ll be watching the progress.

      I will definitely keep blogging in Tunisia–I’ve taken a bit of a break this summer–and I’m not sure if I’ll stay here of if I’ll move someplace new, but I’ll definitely let you know!

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