Not in Tunisia

Close family and friends knew Colin and I were set to be waking up in Tunisia this morning, and yet we remain in California. A nerve-wracking trip to the airport on Saturday night turned out to be unnecessary when Colin’s program finally called regarding the travel advisory for Tunisia posted hours earlier and told him not to get on the plane. We were parked at the airport when that happened.

Understandably, I think, this really rocked my world. I had faint ideas about what my life for the next eight months would be like, and after a day of violent protests in what would be our host nation–protests that included the looting and torching of the American school in Tunis that I had hoped to work at–that life was ripped out from beneath my feet.

Immediately, Colin was devising Plan B. Jordan, Morocco, waiting this out… I spent half of yesterday just trying to get my bearings. We have settled on Rabat, Morocco, the capital city of the only monarchy in North Africa. The languages are Arabic and French, so Colin’s and my language plans remain. So much else goes out the window, though, but we’re planning to leave within two weeks anyway.

I thought the rest of the summer had felt like limbo, but this new situation makes that an absolute joke.

In other news, I do want to make some final decisions on what I want to do on the bloggy blog. Watch for changes in the coming days.


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