Another taste of Rabat

I’m going to do two things at once here: I’m going to talk about food and show you photos of buildings. When I got home the other day and looked at my photos, I realized my lens was drawn mostly to greenery, and that while a photo of a beautiful hibiscus is lovely all the time, it’s not so great at capturing the feel of Rabat. Alors, buildings.

And food! You know what’s cool here? You get your produce and it’s filthy. Covered in dirt and heavy with soil if it’s a root vegetable. It doesn’t matter if you buy it at the little produce stall or at the Carrefour supermarket. And since you pay by the weight, you know, I tried to surreptitiously flake off as much soil as possible from the sweet potatoes I wanted, which was really unnecessary because they are, forgive me, dirt cheap.

Two nights ago Colin and I were returning from a walk and the guy who runs the candy-and-drink shop downstairs was working a roasting device in the middle of the sidewalk, rotating what I guessed to be coffee beans with a flattened cardboard box. They turned out to be sunflower seeds! Colin went back down to buy some, determined not to buy a kilo or even a half-kilo of seeds, and brought back a small bag of still-warm seeds. Colin said the man had moved on to roasting pumpkin seeds. Isn’t that neat?

For a number of reasons I have not yet baked any bread here, but I’m not certain I would have any need to once I do have an oven and it does cool down. At any little shop that sells any sort of food, one can buy these rounds of bread that are airy and spongy and get delivered on the back of a motorbike in a woven hamper. You could buy eight for a buck, but since there are fresh ones every morning, it’s best to just buy one or two to have with lunch.


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