Move-in day

I’m grateful that we’ve had all the comforts of staying in the flat of an AirBnB host during the first two weeks of getting settled and finding our own place, but I am so ready to unpack. I may or may not have been wearing the same pair of jeans every time I left the privacy of the flat for the last two weeks.

The living room, with Moroccan-style seating.

We decided on this two-bedroom, top-floor apartment not only for those appealing characteristics, but also for this spectacular terrace. I can’t wait to get some plants to have out here.

The terrace!

Of course, there are a number of things to be done before I can start my terrace garden, including getting all the drains to drain, fixing the hot water heater, cleaning out the oven, figuring out the washing machine, sweeping up and mopping the grit-covered floor. As our new landlady left last night, having responded to our call to witness the non-functionality of many of the things that need to be functioning, she quipped, “If you want comfort, stay in a hotel.” Thanks.

Our long and narrow kitchen, with the full almost-working oven in the lower-right corner.

But she did agree to call a plumber and have someone fix the water heater; until then it’s cold-water cat baths from the terrace spigot I guess. We’ll get the place scrubbed and spiffed up in no time. This will work.

Our admittedly underwhelming master suite.

Consider this your open invitation to come visit, maybe after a week or two.

Your room.


4 responses

  1. very nice narration even with my littlle english; and beautiful photos.
    Theire are many of popular mrket you will discover and like: you just need some morrocan people to guide you;Sure that your landlady meaned that in the hotel there is more comfort; but i m sure; with her you are welcom.

    your land lady

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