Day trip: El Jadida

The city of El Jadida is a vacation destination during the summer for Moroccans who want some sea breezes and a little calm. As we went during the holiday weekend, it was especially calm, and though we didn’t go intending to spend any time on the beach, we were pleasantly surprised to have perfect weather the whole day. Click on the photos to see them larger.

The old Portuguese City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; clicking on that link will take you to a page with all sorts of history, including an explanation of how El Jadida was the first city inhabited by the Portuguese on their route to India–what a trip that would have been! In the middle of the walled city is the super neat old cistern, which for whatever reason has water all over the floor. We were taking photos for long enough that we had the room to ourselves for a few moments, during which time a hauntingly beautiful song could be heard, coming either from the annex or the street above, I imagine. Definitely a moment worth recording.


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