In which I try to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade online, and fail.

In which I try to procure an oven thermometer at a variety of shops in my neighborhood, and fail.

In which I try to discern the temperature of my oven by trying to melt a spoonful of sugar, before we have company and a 17-lbs. turkey depending on it on Sunday, and thus far fail.

In which I take comfort in loving and being loved, in being healthy and whole mentally and physically, in never going hungry unless I have merely forgotten to go to the store, and in being able to see family, even though I can’t be with them.

And the Internet. Thank you, Al Gore, for the Internet.


3 responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Valerie & Colin! It is a beautiful day here…we just ate pancakes, there’s football on the TV, we watched the Macy’s Parade – my favorite part was Jimmy Fallon & his band on a float with a giant Fender guitar. We’re going on a motorcycle ride shortly. Good luck with your dinner on sunday!

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