When I agreed to live in North Africa…

I didn’t expect hail in November.

But here I am, the morning after, huddled under Colin’s sleeping bag and loving the heat coming out of my laptop. I admit some of this discomfort is self-imposed: they do sell space heaters here and we could try a little DIY home insulation. I am not looking forward to winter.

Maybe we’re just living like the locals–the heaters are out in the part of the school I was working in yesterday, and at one point the principal came round to suggest we do a bunched-up reading circle if the kids get too cold in the 62-degree room. Or we could get the heater fixed?

I didn’t expect the most exciting aspect of computer class for the elementary kids to be picking different fonts in the word processor. They love that nonsense! “Oh no! My story disappeared!” Nope, you put it in Wingdings.

I also didn’t expect to get an Advent calendar, either, but the other day Colin brought home one of those for me! Happy December!


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