Weekend away: Chefchaouen

Calling something authentically Moroccan in this house is usually a slur, but when we took a long holiday weekend in the hill town of Chefchaouen, renowned across Morocco as being the most iconic Moroccan town, we were happily surprised. It was definitely the cutest town I’ve ever been spat at by a toddler in (which happened almost without warning and with absolutely no explanation, though I did get a wordless apology from her bigger brother).

Meeting the locals.

Meeting the locals.

Chefchaouen took less than a day to explore, so we planned to hike up the peak behind the town on our second day in the area. We had relative luck with the weather—rain made the photos from our first day not quite as bright, but we had sunshine for the start of our hike. Unfortunately, by the time we got 1500 meters up, we were completely fogged in, making our trek to the viewpoint at the top a little silly. We got all the way up there though and found a little patch of snow that had survived in a shady ditch.
Even though Chefchaouen isn’t known for its cuisine, I was pleased with what we found. A warming squash soup and chicken skewers one night, and then a cozy pizza place the next. We had an early morning bus back to Rabat, so we grabbed a few apple tarts the night before that turned out to be quite tasty.
The biggest bummer about Chefchaouen is the five-hour busride to get there. The bus itself was really quite nice and new, so the time wasn’t the worst of it; rather, I’ve found I’ve become more prone to motion sickness the last few years, and the final hour of going up the windy road was a bit too much for me. So even though Colin wants to go back in the spring, I’m not as eager to do that again.
View from above.

View from above.


2 responses

  1. These are extraordinary photographs, I especially like the one of you in your hat, seated along the (fountain?). It is poignant because you were not looking up. The color blue is vibrant with energy in the stairway photo, and the oil lamp table scene feels exotic. Very enjoyable to read.

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